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Natural User Interfaces Principles

Last month I visited MobX, a conference in Berlin about user experience for mobile devices. There, I got The Mobile Frontier, book written by Rachel Hinman. In this wonderful piece, Rachel tells about the place we are coming from and where we are going, in terms of user experience and interaction design.

But what Rachel does best in the book is to clearly put together 8 principles of Natural User Interfaces:

  1. Performance Aesthetics: the joy of doing
  2. Direct Manipulation: directly interaction with information objects
  3. Scaffolding: indications of how the interaction will unfold
  4. Contextual environments: interfaces locate themselves in space and time
  5. Super Real: we perceive this interfaces as super real
  6. Social Interaction: interfaces enable users to engage with other users
  7. Spatial Representation: objects are intelligent and have auras
  8. Seamlessness: fewer barriers between the user and information

I found that having these principles in mind at the moment of creating a new design comes very handy.

I don’t want to duplicate even more content, you can find the full explanation to each point on Quora.


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