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A Guide to Perfect Pagination

Pagination is a way to organize information into several web pages, it simply consists in dividing information into numbered pages. This technique comes from the system that has been used to organize information in books since the 16th century.

Traditional Pagination

Book Showing Pagination


Pagination today

Google Pagination Example

The Google approach works perfect, no doubt. It is also an example of how branding and usability could be mixed. Take care with too creative solutions.

I was thinking in writing an article about this topic but there is already a lot of information about it on the web. Looking for some hints for a new design I’m working on I have found the following nice references:

Great article on pagination usability, by Jesper Rønn-Jensen.

Webmaster World Forum: find here an interesting discussion about pagination usability.

Pagination gallery at the Smashing Magazine. Nice article but keep in mind that some alternative solutions are risky from the usability point of view.

Example on how bad pagination could ruin a good website ( example)

Would you like to propose more links? Comments open :)


5 thoughts on “A Guide to Perfect Pagination

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  3. Michael Livingson says:

    Is there a prescribed method for numbering the roman numeral pages of a book, such as t of c, intro, dedication, etc.–the pages that precede the test?

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