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Usability In Emails, The Sender Name

Websites need to notify something to its users and send emails like crazy. But most of those emails will be ignored if you don’t think in the details.

"Try also to sort those emails through the very same sender name…"

Sender name should be clear, so users could see when an email is important. I have gotten emails coming from "mail robot", for example. That confuse users and your email will be directly going to the trash.

Try also to sort those emails through the very same sender name. Thinking in these details will improve usability and users will notice it. Check this examples:

Sender: Mail Robot (this company does not care about users)

Sender: Sheraton Hotels (not bad)

Sender: Sheraton Miami (better)

Sender: Sheraton Miami Reservation (Excellent)

Sender: Sheraton Hotels Newsletters (Excellent)

In the last two examples users are able to identify the important emails coming from a website. This technique will prevent, for example, users deleting reservation confirmation emails.


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