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Delta Making an Online Usability Test With Websort

I’ve found at the Delta Airlines Blog that they were looking for help for usability testings. As Abby Stephenson, manager of usability at posted on the blog, Delta is planing to reorganize the Profile section of

Delta Blog Screenshot

The exercise was a normal card sorting and the tool used was the web based Websort. This is a software tool that enables researchers to perform remote card sort studies.

Websort Logo

Taking part of the study is very simple for participants, just click on the link provided, in this case was it at the Delta Blog, then the web based tool opens with the instructions and a demo video. The interface is pretty simple, easy to use and to understand so participants can concentrate on the study.

Delta Usability Study Screenshot

I got a results screenshot from the Websort web page:

Websort Results Screenshot

I am really happy every time I see that some old economy company is making an effort to improve their site’s usability and even more if they are asking users in the process.


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